Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Is this what we have been waiting for and talking about for weeks?   Yes, I do believe it is. These Bradford pear trees are everywhere in our city and these are what I see looking out the front door.

These are a few of the little arrangements I made and scattered throughout the house.  Notice the one with the two babies.  Those are our identical twin daughters.  Aren't they sweet!!

There are various other little things scattered around but, these are good examples of my little trademarks!


Nancy said...

I see you're in OK now. I live in Tulsa. Bradford Pear trees are so beautiful when in bloom...some of my favorites!

For some reason it's not showing up that you're following...just fyi.

Your grandboy sure is a cutie pie!

Have a great weekend!

bj said...

Everything looked just beautiful..