Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busy as a bee Part I

I was busy as a bee, spring is on it's way here in the heartland.  The temps have climbed  into the 50's.  I checked on flower beds and see tiny sprouts of green.  It was so yukky in February that I didn't get my rose bushes  pruned, so have got to get this done soon.  I certainly don't want to cut off new growth. 

After looking at all of the gorgeous blogs and what you folks use to decorate with, I decided it was time to use some things in my china cabinet.  I have a beautiful collection of crystal pieces, some quite old ones and some rather new.  Years ago when we lived in W. Texas, I had an Irish boss and when he would go to Ireland for vacation every year, he would bring me Waterford pieces.  I have all of the Partridge in a pear tree plates and then my daughter in law and son started giving me the 12 matching Christmas ornaments.  Then when I had all of those, the little Waterford figures came out and I received all of  those.  I found a beautiful crystal bowl and I don't even remember where it came from.  I am going to put it on the table with easter eggs in it. My goal next week is to get in the attic and bring all those Easter containers down.  I never remember what I have up there.

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