Sunday, March 7, 2010

(I can't resist a good survey!!!)

{A} Age - none of yore biznes
{B} Bed Size - King
{C} Chore you hate - Unloading the dishwasher
{D} Dog's name - Heidi, Andy, Duke (3 weiner dogs)
{E} Essential start your day item - coffee
{F} Favorite color - all shades of green
{G} Gold or Silver - gold
{H} Height - 5'6"
{I} Instruments you play -computer keyboard
{J} Job title - retired administrative assistant
{K} Kid(s) - 3 girls, 1 boy, 8 grands, 1 great grand
{L} Living arrangements - 4BR house live with daughter and son in law and grandson and hubby of 55 years
{M} Mom's name -Winnie
{N} Nickname -Mama
{O} Overnight hospital stay - quite a few
{P} Pet peeve - people who throw disposable diapers on parking lots
{Q} Quote from a movie - My what nice knockers
{R} Right or left handed - Right
{S} Siblings - 4 older brothers
{T} Time you wake up -9am, we're nightowls
{U} Underwear - most of the time ha!
{V} Vegetable you dislike -Honestly none
{W} Ways/Reasons you run late- I don't
{X} X-rays you've had - teeth, stomach, chest, leg, back
{Y} Yummy food you make - I am a good cook, it's my claim to fame, chicken and dumplings which my kids love, cornbread dressing, I always have to make it regardless of where we go for Thanksgiving!!
{Z} Zoo animals you like - I love giraffes and koalas

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