Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Long 24 hours

I spent the entire day yesterday trying to figure out how to insert my signature into my blog.  I finally found a tutorial that got it done in about 3 clicks.  Then I wanted to print something and my new 3 week old wi fi printer wasn't working.  After 4 hours of trial and error, I finally fixed the problem.  As you can tell, I don't give up easily.

Debra, the daughter we live with, and I used to be cross stitchers (is there such a word)  and she did beautiful work.  I really enjoyed it and this is one of my favorite projects.  I loved the three little girls, how pretty.  Then Debra had a sweet baby boy and we decided that cross stitching was not condusive to taking care of a baby, what with trying to count thosed little squares and keeping up with small needles.  So, we decided that maybe we should try a new thing, and then, our knitting careers began.  Like the cross stitching she way knits better than I do.  While reading one of her knitting blogs, she found an Olympics project.  It was select an item or items and start it on the day the Olympics began and finish it by the time they closed.  This was her project and mind that she has only been knitting about two years.

 Aren't these mittens  absolutely wonderful for such a new knitter.  The best part of this story is that she gave them to me.  

Our oldest daughter, Julie, got us started on the cross stitching, and this is one of  her projects.  I just love it.  

I read this often, and often it brings tears to my eyes.  Sentimentality, oh yes!
This is one of  Debra's cross stitching projects.  The back of it is as neat as the front.
Have a great evening.  American Idol, here we come. 

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