Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Views

I bought this fern at our church in Shreveport. It cost $14.00 and is absolutely huge and so green. The ferns were to benefit the Methodist Childrens Home in Ruston, LA. What a great buy and for a good cause.

Isn't it beautiful!!  I repotted it since, it was in a hanging basket.  Just hope I can keep it growing, because, those hot winds of summer here aren't conducive for keeping ferns nice.  Notice we haven't started planting in our flower bed behind the fern.  Last year we planted too early and I had to cover the beds with sheets as, we had a late winter storm.  This year we are planting later.  It will be beautiful in a few months.

This is a wreath that I couldn't pass up in S'port.  I just love the colors and it looks pretty in the entry hall.

My hubs made these little bunnies quite a few years ago when, he had a shop to do woodworking.  I have repainted them several times but, they are still so cute.  Some years I have put little plants, violets or whatever I could find in those tiny pots in the bunny backs.  This year I made these modge podge eggs in new and different colors.  Then yesterday, I found at Target  these same clear eggs and grass in the matching colors so, of course, I had to have them.

I started hanging crosses on this wall shortly after we moved into this house  almost four years ago.  I bought them at various places in different cities.  The little one in the picture frame was just a little cross I bought but don't remember where.  It seemed a little small to hang so, I found this frame on Etsy and used gold rubbing  paint to change it from a dark brown to gold.  The frame has fleur di lis 's on it (I am so into fleur di lis now, even before our  Saints won the Super Bowl). Anyway I think it looks nice on the wall next to the collage of crosses.

This is the vignette I have on the dining room table.  There certainly is no method to this madness.  I just put things down there as I finished them so, I now need to come up with some semblance of order for this.

I have several other little Easter decorations, however, I think this is about all for today.  Remember American Idol and Dancing With the Stars tonight.  Also, our Oklahoma women will be playing tonight in the Elite 8.  Guess the tivo will get a workout tonight.

Have a great evening!

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