Friday, March 19, 2010

Sorry, still no pictures

I know everyone enjoys blogs with pictures, however, I just can't get my puter working online. We will be going back home next week and I will have many pictures for you to see. I have bought several things so cute and springy, is that a word??, don't think so. It is amazing how much greener it has gotten in just the week we have been here in Louisiana.

Our church here is having a fern sale this weekend benefitting the Methodist Children's Home in Ruston, La and I went today and bought one. They had 7 different kinds, I would have loved to buy one of each but don't think JC, the hubbs would like that. I did buy a Kimberly and it is huge. We are already packed to the brim.

I went to see one of my nieces new home this morning. Her husband passed away "too young" a couple of years ago and she decided to move to a new house. It is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had had my camera. She has marvelous taste. I told her she should contact Southern Living. The yard is landscaped to perfection along with perfection everywhere.

Our son left this morning for a weekend in New Orleans with his girlfriend. There may be big news when they return. It is so nice slumming here in his house. I have a few pictures I took here so those you will see next week.

I went with my Granddaughter, Lauren, to pick up baby, Allie, at day care or as they call it school. She is just so cute, pics to follow.

Gotta get dinner and back to the final four, hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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