Monday, March 15, 2010

Marvelous Monday

For the first time in months, it is Monday and it's not raining or snowing, however, it's not Oklahoma either. Ha! We watched spring come alive as we drove south. I love spring here in the deep south. The redbud, chinese magnolia, Bradford pear, and dogwood trees are blooming and the St. Augustine grass is so green here in Louisiana. Can the azalia blooms be far behind!! The family here is doing well, except, they all seem to be fighting allergies. Baby Allie has them too. Guess that is the price you have to pay to have all of this budding out.

Our granddaughter that goes to college at Northwestern La. Un. talked our two grandsons into driving up for the weekend so, we got to see them. They are such sweet kids, thanks to Julie, their Mom, who did a great job as a single mother. On another point, NLU is in Natchitoches La., the little town where the movie Steel Magnolias was made. That is my all-time favorite film. Our granddaughter that goes to OU was also here for the weekend.

I am taking pictures but can't post them as I can't get my computer online. It is something with Rick's firewalls, as I mentioned before. I will have to post them when I get home.

We have a quiet day planned, just blog reading for me and deciding what's for dinner. Big day. Have a good Monday and a great week.

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