Friday, July 16, 2010

Our granddaughter, Sarah, and husband Jon, who is in Irag are expecting triplets.  We are so excited.  We don't know the genders as yet but will find out soon.  We do know there is a set of identicals and a single.  Hubs and I had identical girls.   Hub's Mother as well as mine, were both twins, so they do run in our family, however, this is the first for triplets.


Rose said...

cong. on having 3 little ones joining the family. does your granddau. have any other children or is this the 1st.? hope all goes well through the pregnancy. will be checking back for updates. have a good Sunday

Debbie said...

Hi there signed up for my giveaway and I am have to hit the little follow button though or you do not let me know you did OK:) Have a great night.