Tuesday, July 20, 2010

House Update

In the throes of "redo" and gosh, is it hot.  I painted second coats this morning on the bookcases by the fireplace and also the trim around the  patio  door.  The trim around the door had been nicked so many times with dog crates and etc., it had to be sanded before I could paint and even with the ac on 70,  I was sweating bullets.  Not use to this manual labor.
This is what we ran into when painting above the fireplace.  We had a new roof put on this spring and the roofers said it looked like there was rain damage around the chimney.  Wha la, we found it today.

One more little thing to make us further behind.  Guess it's better to find it now before it gets any worse.

Can you believe this little bittie fireplace mantle.  We fuss every year at Christmas when we try to decorate it.  So, Hubs is enlarging it about about double in space.  At the width it is right now, I have double sided tape on my mantle clock and just pray that it stays anchored there with every ding of the clock.

Wish you all a happy week and pray it won't be too hot.  I try to remember this is summer, but wow!


Rose said...

hate you may have had water problems.we've had that problem love the look of the fireplace. good luck in your update inyour home

Marydon said...

Dread those kinds of things happening! but glad it does before finishing things. Gonna be really nice when you are done.

Have a lovely PINK weekend ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon