Monday, April 12, 2010

Too much

I've got a problem. Since I got involved in this bloggin, it seems that all I do is read your wonderful blogs. There are things I need to do, however, I still sit here and read. Everyday, I add more beautiful blogs. I did get some painting done but, this afternoon all I did was read and try to put a grab button on, of course, to no avail. Got the button on, but no content for you to c and p. I have got to figure out some means of getting this done. I have tried so many tutorials from google search. I guess I am must  be grab button deficient. Anyway, if any of you know of a t-tor. that might help me or a method of reading, please let me know. I did get a mosaic online today so that was a great accomplishment for me. Have a good evening one and all.

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Helena said...

I know, isn't blogging addictive? I am a goner! Hey, I found you on UBP? Can I follow? I'd love if you'd follow back! I'm at AGalNeeds...We'll have fun, I'm sure! Thanks,and try to get something done besides reading those darn blogs! LOL!