Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gardening Tip

Here are new pictures of our boy playing in an ottoman that is headed for the dumpster.  One of the kitties saw fit to sharpen her claws on the corners so now it is gone. 

While we were in Shreveport last month, I went over to see my niece's new garden home that she bought last year.  I told her she needed to call Southern Living.  Her yard and flowers were gorgeous even so early in the spring.  Her secret is Spray n' Grow only sold online.  It is organic and undoubtedly something very good.  I had to order it and my kit arrived yesterday and I sprayed everything today.  I will take some pictures tomorrow and then show you in a week.  You can use it once a week and in fact that is preferable.  I want to see what it does here in Oklahoma where the wind is oft times  an enemy.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!

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