Friday, April 16, 2010

More feverish rambling

Happy Friday, I can remember in those days when hubs and I both worked, it seems like we just existed from Monday til Friday and our  real life was Saturday and Sunday. How did I get off on that. Must be the fever.

Our household has been  inundated with something. At first, we thought it was allergies since, the pollen count here is off the charts. Then all of us got this nagging cough, runny nose and overall just feeling lousy. Have I whined enuf yet? Oh wait, I can whine more, hubs coughs all night, up and down, I can' t  sleep when---------- oh well, that's enough of that.

I have recent purchases to show you but that will have to wait for a better day. We have had rain all day today and, it is supposed to continue thru the weekend. We had all planned to go to the OU Spring Game tomorrow, however, it is supposed to be rainy. Don't think this hacking, snotting family needs to be sitting in the rain. What do you think? Please forgive me for being so graphic but, my fever made me do it.

I promise I will try to do better. Hope you all have a sunny, warm, glorius weekend and if not that, just a fun one.!

Have a super spring weekend one and all!!!


Mary said...

Oh, my! Hope y'all get to feeling better! I'm looking forward to the day when everyday is a weekend!

Anonymous said...

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Have a nice day.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I was faighting a cold all last week, too, Mary Ann. Hope you feel better soon!