Saturday, April 10, 2010

Son's House

Okay, let's try this again.  I'm game if you are.  We spent 10 days or so in Shreveport at our son's house and these are some pictures that I took.  Some are good and some not so much but his house is quite beautiful, although, much in transition with a recent break up after over 25 years.  I won't go into any details other than the fact that they simply grew apart.  We are all still friends, still visit, still love her.  In case you are worried, she has a lovely new patio home, and she is quite happy.  Rick remained in the big house and is making changes as time permits.
Here are a few pictures to let you see his house.

Isn't this gorgeous.  He bought this piece and the mirror recently for the entrance hall.  I just love it.  Reminds so much of New Orleans.

Sorry these are so dark, but it was not a good time of day to take pictures.

The three are of his home office/study.  A second mantle and fireplace.

Sun Room

Master Bath

This little shelf is a clock shelf that hubby made when he was into woodworking, etc.  Hasn't done anything new in quite a while.

Now we will venture outside.  You will see how palms, etc. were hard hit by the cold temps. in N. Louisiana.  Guess it hit all across the south this year.

That's our room on the upper left.

The pansys look pretty good for a hard winter.
This is our long haired dashund, Heidi.  She loves to walk the stones around the pool.  She will go the entire way around.
Heidi Girl!
Somehow out of all these photos, I didn't take one of the front of the house.  Will do that next time.

I just love this house.  It was a Southern Living house.  The original was built in Houston and we went there to see it before this one was built.  It has lots of unique features and I'll try to show you more next time.


stefanie said...

Gorgeous!!! I love the pool and all the stone.

bj said...

I am so glad you came buy to see me. I am so glad to know you.

Yes, my daughter lives in Wolfforth. We live in Lubbock.

This house is so amazing. Just breathtaking. I can't imagine being able to live in such a lovely home.

I hope you are having fun blogging. I love it. At 72, it has brought me into the *now* time...I love seeing what all the young ones are using to decorate with...and then they wear me out 'cause there's so many pretty things out there and I try my best to gather them in as fast as I can. At 72, ya gotta move time to lose..Haha
I hope you will come back to see me soon..O, and I am linking up to follow you. :)
xo bj

Kathleen said...

That is a beautiful home! Thank you for coming to visit me..I know there are SO many blogs!!
Have a blessed Sunday!