Friday, August 20, 2010

Where, oh where, is it?

Have you ever looked for something and it was right under your nose.  Yesterday, I started looking for a picture for the den wall.  It was of the Rialto Bridge in Venice and I had decided that it would look good with a shelf hung above it in a small area at the side of our tv.

Thus began my search, looked in all the bedrooms, all the closets, wherever I thought I might have put it.  All to no avail.  I looked high and low.

Today, my search began again.  This time Debra joined in the search.  All, once again to no avail.  We decided that son in law probably put it away in some strange and never used place.
So, later that evening while he was sitting at the computer, I asked him if he had seen said picture.  His answer, is that it in the foyer?  Lo, and behold, there it hung on the freshly painted entranceway wall with a pineapple sconce with a new candle hung beside it.
Talk about feeling dumb, duh!  Now I remember hanging it there!

Enough about that!
 Here's wishing all you little, big and middle size kiddos a great school year. 
And blessings to all you worn out Moms, a great year to you too.  And most of all, a good and fruitful year for all you teachers!

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