Friday, August 27, 2010


It seems like just yesterday some of us were whining about the cold and snow and wishing for warm weather.  Note, I said warm not hot.  And yes, I was probably one of the chief whiners, I freely admit it.  A week or so ago I began whining about the heat and the 100 + temperatures we were having.  This week has been so nice, here in Oklahoma, highs in the 80's a few showers and a real reprieve from those hot days.  It does seem that fall and football are right around the corner.  I've said it before and I am not ashamed to say it again, "I love the fall."  I think more than even the cooler temps, I look forward to the colors of fall, those browns, golds and oranges of the season.

This cooler weather got me in the mood for changing out some spring and summer pinks and whites and replacing them with the autumn hues.
For some reason I can hardly ever remember to take before pictures.  This first picture is of a crafting handiwork of my brother, who passed away several years ago.  I saw it in a craft magazine and showed it to him and he made it for me.  The mirror in the back slides out and at Christmas I slide a cross stitched Santa in and use poinsettias or some other Christmas greenery in the container.  This week I removed the summery bouquet and put in the fall stems.  I always think of my brother when I pass this display.  So, this is my after picture.  Notice how the glittered fruit caught the light.  You can tell I am a "real photographer!"
I used this picture in a pink post last summer when we did the pink bathroom.  I sent this picture to Granddaughter, Sarah, who is a new decorator and she said "only you, Grandmama, would take a picture of your bathroom."  I told her no way, my dear, you should see my blog friends, they are always blogging about their bathroom makeovers and posting pictures of them.

Here are a few fall things I've put out for fall.  Now I have to get new towels, a rug and and something new to put on the wall.  I am sure I will change this several times before I am satisfied with it.

Hope your weekend is fantastic.  Thanks for dropping by and especially a big thanks if you leave a comment.

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Mary said...

Fall is definitely my favorite! Your bathroom is lovely!