Saturday, August 7, 2010

What a Mess Part 2

We are getting down to the nitty gritty in the kitchen and dining room.  Here are a few pictures of the rubble and why I haven't been posting much.

We moved the server in front of the window in order to store the flooring.  Yes, there is order in our chaos.  I could pretty much find anything that I needed.

We did have alot of dust when we took up the tile floors.  The glue was a real mess to try to get up but persistence paid off and we finally got it done.
Yes, that's flooring for the whole house.

This plastic did little or no good in trying to keep out the dust from the tile removal.  The china cabinet doors and shelves were completely white.  It has taken me nearly all day today off and on to get the glass and shelves clean and free of dust.

I love this picture of Hubs eating his lunch.  One clear spot by the staircase!

And yes, that is a wheelbarrow in the kitchen.  We used it to haul out the tile and rubble.  You will notice in the top picture there is a cabinet extending out into the floor.  In the lower picture, it's gone.  We took it out to give us more space in the kitchen.  We will get a wall cabinet for wine glasses and china for that wall.  The flooring is now down and looks really good.  Hopefully, I will get this room into some semblance of order tomorrow and will post more pictures.  Today, I spent most of the day cleaning my silver tea set.  I used the foil, salt, and soda method.  It worked really well and would probably be even better if I didn't let it get so tarnished to start with.  Does anyone have a good method to prevent tarnishing.  I'll take more pictures tomorrow and work progresses.  In the meantime, have a great weekend and a wonderful week

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Rose said...

Does it feel like an avalanche has happened when you start a project? it leads into other things. Have company comming at end of this month. they hav never been to our home and will spend some days. have done half way through one room . have 7 rooms to go this is my spring cleaning. godd luck inyour adventure. thanks for comment on my blog re pets. Rose