Friday, May 14, 2010

Update and more of the same

I am sure that my friend bloggers have given up all hope on me.  I am trying to get my ducks in a row, literally, to start doing some day to day blogging.  I don't know how people do it.  I enjoy reading blogs so much, that I fall behind in blogging with my reading.  On Tues. I had almost 500 to catch up and today I did catch up.  Plus, I just don't have all of the lovely table accessories that you all have. I have gotten rid of so much since we gave up our own home almost 4 years ago.  I gave a teapot collection to our oldest daughter along with various other dishes, and a service of 12 crystal to our son.  Daily, I try to come up with new ideas to do some things.  At 73, my crafting days are somewhat limited.  I do so enjoy what you young ones are doing but, I just don't have the creative desire anymore.

Aren't my knockout roses beautiful!!  Even before the grass is green.

I finally got the table and chairs painted.  It took something like 8 cans of paint.  We did invest in a new umbrella.

This is our pink knockout rose that we planted last year.  You can see the blackberry bush in the background which is loaded with blooms now.  There are lots of berries, just hope the birds don't get them so we can have a cobbler or two.

These are two old rusty plant stands that were my Mother's.  My daughter ended up with them somehow and I didn't know they were here until last weekend.  She drug them out, put them together and I gave them a new paint job.  I'll take some photos this weekend and show you how they look now.

I love how my roses look in these pictures.  As you know, Oklahoma has been hit with tornadoes, rain and hail for the past week.  We really dodged it on Monday afternoon when the tornado sirens went off and things got pretty scary.  Once again, we dodged the bullet, things were torn up south of us in Norman where the OU campus is located and northeast of us where lives were lost and many homes and subdivisions destroyed.  My rose bushes are now pretty much bare and what did hang on are pretty sad looking.  I am not complaining as this is certainly nothing compared to  others who lost so much.  We are supposed to have 80% chance of rain and storms thru the weekend.  God willing keep us all safe.

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