Thursday, May 20, 2010


Happy Thursday everyone.  Notice anything different about my blog.  Yes, I changed the background.  And it only took me the better part of two days.  It still needs work, but I will do that later.  I was just tired of the old background and needed a change. Woman's prerogative!

A phenom. is happening here in Oklahoma.  It is not raining (yet) and no storm or tornado warnings  embellish our tv screen.  Of course, we have alot of time for things to change, but we will think positive and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Aren't these petunias just the prettiest!  Years ago, one wouldn't have thought about putting red and pink in the same pot.  We didn't know what we were missing.  We have to enjoy them early here.  I can't seem to keep them thriving in the midsummer heat.  This year I'm trying partial shade.  Maybe that's the secret.

These are just random shots in the backyard.  These are the irises that my neighbor gave me that we got planted last weekend.  We're hoping that they will help in this area where grass won't grow..  Those are wild strawberries behind them.  Hopefully by next year they will cover those ugly meters.

As you can see, the doggie kennels are on the patio.  The dogs are so scared of the storms that when a storm  approaches , we put them in the house.  On good days they have the whole shady side of the side yard. 

Those two old racks you can see painted up pretty good.  Those are mostly herbs in those pots.  I have oregano, two kinds, basil, two kinds, sage that I have let go to bloom because the purple flowers are so pretty, lavender, that survived our winter, thyme which also survived and parsley.  Also, there are two patio tomato plants that are now covered in blooms.  I made homemade marinara sauce last night and used lots of these fresh herbs and it got rave reviews.

I am off to get my much needed "summer cut" and that is about enough randomness.

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