Saturday, May 15, 2010

Son, Rick, came in last night with our oldest granddaughter, Lauren and her husband, Randal, and baby Allie, our first great. Rick came to move daughter number two, Danielle, back to Shreveport for the summer. She will graduate from OU in December.

Rick brought me this adorable bag for Mothers Day. He has rented an 8 bedroom house right on the beach in Destin, so all 4 of our kids and their families are going for a week. This bag is just perfect for the beach. It has a beach towel, cosmetic bag, and flip flops. Just perfect!


Coloradolady said...

That bag is perfect for the beach or any use for that matter! I love it. I scrolled down and had a look at your roses, they are beautiful. Mine are just about done for a while. I did order two antique roses this week and am waiting for them to show up so I can get them in the ground. I hope they do well, I have a neighbor that has two in front of her house and they climb up the porch poles and were just breathtaking this year, so I am hoping next year, mine will be pretty too!

Have a great weekend!!

Mary said...

Love the bag! Love Destin! :D

kim said...

Mary Ann, you just left a comment on my giveaway and said you are a follower. You don't show on my follower list. Be sure and sign in on my follower lists to be counted.