Sunday, January 16, 2011


We are back in OKC now, finally in our own bed.  Is everyone this way, or it just me, but my bed is the best in the world and it was so nice  last night to be back there.

Yes, this is my bedroom, in case you were wondering. (not)

This is what we left behind in Tennessee.  They grew so much the two weeks we were there.  I loved rocking feeding and bathing them, so sweet and all over 7lbs. now and not even to their due date for another week. 

 It snowed everyday to some extent while we were there with the exception of the last two days.  Now we hear an artic front is coming our way and we can look forward to some more snow, just hope we skip the ice stuff.

We were so glad to see our little redheaded boy, Quinn, and he was happy to see us.  He told his mother earlier yesterday, that he was worried about us.

Well I am looking at luggage to empty and stuff to put away so I'd best get after it, because, I don't think there are any good fairies that are going to do it for me.

Have a fantastic week, everyone.


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