Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We had quite a nice weekend.  Son came up from Shreveport and we had a fun time, lots of laughs, food and fellowship.

Of course, Saturday was tailgating day.  It was OU's opener against "themselves", oh wait, that was Utah State.  We won, but nothing about it was pretty.  We'll take it though.  Here are a few pictures I took.  We moved our tailgating place this year, lots of shade and plenty of room to spread out.

Quinn is ready to head to Norman, along with several car fulls.

Here's our boy trying to knock a can out of a tree!

We had good food as always, hot wings, hot artichoke dip, southwestern chicken wraps, chips, nuts, tasty beverages, lemon cupcakes, etc.  Never let it be said we don't have good food.

Son and his daughter, Danielle, a Senior at OU this year.  Enjoying a tasty beverage.

Quinn's taking a break from knocking the can out of the tree.

Still trying to get the can out of the tree.  This is a great way to keep 4 year olds entertained, some 40 year olds too.

Hubs is listening to pregame.  Shortly after this we headed for the stadium.

It proved to be a long day.  Got home around midnight, hot and exhausted, but our team won.
Not much activity around here the rest of the weekend.   Lots of football watching.  It is so good to have college football back.  I don't care much for the pros except for our Saints and then Super Bowl time.  Other than that I prefer College. 

Next weekend we play Florida State and the funny part about that is that many years ago, Hubs went to Florida State, but he is a Sooner fan first.  Not that he has alot of choice in the matter.

Hope all of you have a great week, and just remember tomorrow is already hump day for our short week!

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