Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Not much new here.  Have had a few showers but nothing great.  We're to have a cool front tonight so, only in the eighties this weekend. Nice! 

I filled the hummingbird feeder and lo and behold we now have quite a few hummers.  I hung a red impatien basket near it and I think that is helping with the attraction too.

I just love watching them.  They have been dive bombing each other all morning.

You may or you may not notice I changed my background theme and color.  It only took me about half a day.  I just don't get blogger.  I thought I would never find out how to change my font and colors.  Oh well, finally figured it out.  I need to find a good header but I kinda like this template.

I'm off to do a little shopping.  Have a great day!


Lindsay-ann said...

I hope you enjoy your cooler 80 degree weather! In England 80 degrees is like a heat wave! Love your new blog background. Hope you have a good shopping trip.

Sandy said...

Your background is very nice and it's a half day experience for me too when I want to change
Your post on Humming birds made me smile.. I have been sitting in the grass, camera in hand trying to get my little H/birds out on the bush they love the most..yesterday there were three out there.. but much too fast for me...My camera only picks up blurs..
Thanks for your visit to my blog also and your kind words...

Bill said...

Hi Mary Ann,

Your background looks great! I think we're all learning as we go along, but it gets easier after each hurdle we cross, doesn't it? We're expecting cooler temps in West Tennessee this weekend as well. I can't wait to open the windows at night (even though I'll have to take pills for seasonal allergies!).

Have a great weekend!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

We are enjoying watching the hummers at our house too. I wish I could get close enough with my is rare when I can get close enough to even keep them in the frame of the shot. Hummingbirds are like rainbows...rare and beautiful!