Monday, June 10, 2013

Tornado Alley

I am sure by now you have heard about all the tornadoes, here in OK. The one that came roaring through on May 31st sent us running for the first time. After closely watching the weather all afternoon, we decided that it was time to bail out of here and head south. The Interstates and Turnpike were virtual parking lots so, we stayed on the backroads. We got as far south as Slaughterhouse, a town we had never even heard of,  and that was far enough. That darn storm had followed us all the way. Needless to say we were terrified at times. We turned around and headed back north and made it home through hail and rain by midnight. Of course, we had no power but when they had predicted that our town would be hard hit, this was a small inconvenience. There were lots of fences blown down, trees, limbs, roofs etc. damaged in our neighborhood, but thank goodness, no real damage. We had part of our fence down and one lawn chair was blown over, plus, one of the knockout rose bushes took a real beating, but otherwise, things were okay.

I finished a quilt top last week, and got another one laid out. Now just have to get motivated and get them quilted and bound. One thing slowed me down,LOL. One of the quilts has 42 blocks and I sewed two pieces of the block on wrong. It took me most of two days to rip them out and resew them. I don't know what I was thinking. I got new fabric in the mail today to make a Halloween quilt, now just need to find a pattern. One of the fat quarters has large and I do mean large, pumpkins on them. I am sure that will take some fussy cutting. I have so many things I want to do. This is definitely an addiction. I do have to get some pillow cases done this week. Fingers crossed that I don't get distracted.

I am having problems with my eyes, primarily my left one. Its blurring and I am having flashes, especially when I am tired. I went to the opthamoligist last weeks and had a thorough exam, with nothing definitely wrong. I got new glasses but so far, they aren't helping. I know I spend too much time on my laptop and when I'm not doing that I am sewing. I just hope this resolves itself soon.

Do have a great week. Summer is finally here in Oklahoma.

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Julie said...

Boy, what a busy lady you've been! Glad to see you back on.