Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday was a very big day around here.  It was Quinn's trip to the Pumpkin Patch with his preschool class with Mama and Grandmama in tow.  It stormed really bad the night before so we expected a muddy mess, however, the area was in great condition.  It was sunny, cool and windy.  Hey folks, this is Oklahoma, you know "where the wind comes sweeping cross the plains!"  There was really lots to see and do.  We first all met in a big cafeteria like building where we were oriented in what to see and do.

Got just a little bit tired waiting for the festivities to begin!

Just a few pumpkins outside the party barn.  So many more to come!
We are off to the petting zoo.  That was Quinn's favorite.  Everytime there was a little break he wanted to head back to pet the animals.
First there were little goats to feed.

Then came the llamas and alpacas.
Isn't this the cutest face, next to Quinn, of course?

And next, best of all was that adorable little pig.  It was Quinn's favorite and he called it Babe.

Back to that greedy llama, he could take the cup of food out of your hand before you could  blink an eye.

At first, Quinn was a bit aprehensive about feeding the animals, but after about the third trip into the barn, he couldn't wait to feed them.

And guess what, here's even a white peacock.

Now on to the outside where there were lots more animals to feed.  I couldn't resist taking the landscape pictures with  the well pumping away in one of the outer fields.  A typical Oklahoma landscape.

Next it was a hayride around the lake and to the mazes on the other side.  It was really a bumpy ride.

Grandmama and the boy.  I hardly ever get in a picture since I'm always taking them.
The mazes were lots of fun.  There was a hay, corn, and corral maze.  All were pretty tricky and we got lost several times.
 These are the entrances to the mazes.

A look back across to the party barn and petting zoo, etc.

There was a huge metal slide near the mazes and the kids just loved it.  Don't know how many times Quinn went down while we waited for the tractor to take us back to the party barn for lunch.

After lunch it was off to explore some more.
Here's a coyote camp.  Don't know the purpose but it was another photo op.

Now it's off to the Karoke barn for some funny pictures.

Now is the time for a pony ride since the line is the longest its been all day!
Patiently waiting his turn to ride.

It's time to pick out our pumpkins and head for home after a Happy Pumpkin Day as Quinn called it.

Oh wait, I've got to go tell Babe goodbye.

This is what we did with our pumpkins.  And, by the way, Quinn picked out his own clothes.

I'm sure there will be many of you Moms and Dads and Grandparents, etc. heading for pumpkin patches of your own.  We just wish you all have a Happy Pumpkin Day too!


Julienne said...

I can see where Quinn got his beautiful hair from! Loved seeing the pumpkin patch and that boy obviously has style as its a very smartly dressed pumpkin bloke!! Thanks for visiting.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Mary Ann your grandson is so cute! I loved the photo of him laughing as the goat ate the feed from his hand. This was a lovely post about a wonderful day!