Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ice on the trees here today, limbs down, power out in some areas, typical January weather, oh wait this is April. I know I have been talking about my quilting, well, I decided I had too many projects going on, so needed to finish some. I recently made a beautiful, black, red and white with touches of yellow fairly large quilt and decided it was high time to quilt it. The pattern is basically, squares and strips so I decided stitch in the ditch would be fine. I made a sample piece to practice on and got my quilt ready. The sample stitches were great so I was on my way, wwwaaahhhh, it didn't stitch right. I then preceded to work on the machine for about three hours making myself crazier by the minute. I gave up and called the recommended sewing machine shop and will take it in tomorrow. Let's hope this 2 year old sewing machine doesn't cost me a fortune to fix. That's how my week is going. Hope yours is better.

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