Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am finally getting better, after taking the second round of some powerful meds which made me sicker at times than the illness.  I couldn't eat or sleep very well, but am doing much better now.  So much has happened.  I had to blog this so you could see what has transpired in our family since I last blogged.
Our triplet great grandbabies were born on Sat. Nov. 20th at 31 weeks  and were unbelievably  healthy.  They weighed  in the lower 3 lb. range, lost as usual, and are now back up to birth weight.

We are so thankful that they are all healthy and doing well.

This is Konner.  He was the largest at 3' 5".

Kennedy, the smallest at 3, and the diva of the trio.

This is Kyleigh, the middle child, at 3' 3".  Notice her cool shades.  The babes were under the lamp for a couple of days to prevent jaundice.

Debra, Quinn and I drove to Nashville Sunday.  It was a long hard trip for me, still weak, but determined to see these babies.  So far, I've gotten to hold two of them and feed Konner by his feeding tube. They are now being fed by bottle every other feeding.  Sucking the bottle makes them so tired.  One of the nurses said its like running three or four miles for them.

 I am feeling much better not 100% yet but better each day.  We will be heading back to OKC on Friday and I will probably be boring you with more pictures.

We give thanks and praise to God for these sweet babes and wish them a long and happy life.

Have a great rest of the week and get those Christmas decorations up!



EmptyNester said...

How precious! Three little blessings--all at once! Sorry you're not feeling well but glad you were able to make the trip to see them!

Lindsay-ann said...

Congratulations. That's wonderful news. They are adorable and I love their names. Hope you feel better soon.