Monday, June 17, 2013

I continue to wonder how people can be gone two weeks to a foreign country, blog everyday they are gone and post pictures and then never miss a beat, finishing multiple quilt projects, run a home and business and on and on. Somehow I have a time management problem. Two weeks ago I got new glasses, after a doctors visit, outlining problems and I might have some problems getting used to my new glasses. I kept noticing there was something wrong with my left lens, so took them back. They said they would have to be remade. Went back to get new glasses today, could not see a wink out of them. They have to be remade. Is this why I can't seem to get things done, its not me, its just that I can't focus, literally, LOL!

Had two extra folks for dinner tonight. I made taco salad and if I do say so myself, it was rather yummy. Several weeks ago while shopping away, I thought I was buying a tortilla salad kit. You know the cardboard thingies you buy,to bake and to put salad in. Well, it wasn't shells, it was little metal bowl things. I tried them and lo and behold, they are one of the top ten inventions ever made. They make perfect little taco salad holders. Time to find something I can do to help with my time management.

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