Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where in the world did July go?? I think this is the fastest summer that I can remember. We went on vacation in the early part of the month with Rick and Amy. Had a fantastic week in San Diego, zoo, cruise in the Pacific, Padres game, dinner at a fancy smancy place in La Jolla and the best Mexican food ever at Old Town Guadalahara restaurant. Oh my gosh those margaritas were fantastic. We stayed at the Sheraton on the Harbor, quite nice and saw the fire works every night from our balcony. On our return trip, we stopped in Dallas, saw Danielle, had dinner at a hole in the wall Mexican place, yummy. We then went on to Rick's, spent a week in that area. We went to Natchitoches and saw Chelsea, Ethan and Julie, brought Julie back with us for food, fun, family and lots of swimming. We got to spend time with Lauren's little ones. Wesley is so cute and Allie a beauty. One evening we went to "the farm" and saw it for the first time. Its almost 400 acres of timber and we toured most of it in a rough and tumble ride. On our way home from the farm, we stopped at, guess what, a Mexican restaurant. Love that stuff. Trying to get caught up here at home now. Quilting, made an OU wreath, etc. just passing time til football season starts later this month. Have a great weekend.