Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lots of winter weather was supposed to hit us, but thankfully it passed us by, however, we did get a lot of moisture through rain, sleet and mix. We will take any precip. to help out with our drought.
It's been an exciting weekend and last few days. We went out to the Philharmonic on Friday night and to dinner. It was the first time we'd been out in don't know when. We had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, and, of course, I had chicken fried steak. The Phil. was a tribute to Cole Porter. It was delightful!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Snow

We woke up this morning to more snow. It turned into a dismal, dreary, dark day. I really shouldn't complain because we need the rain or etc. so badly. We, here in the midwest, have had drought conditions for two years now. This is certainly helping our water table. I spent most of the day working on my quilting. This was the first block in a new all heart quilt I am starting. It has very small pieces and was really difficult to do. I had alot of ripping out to do, which I'm sure added to my calling the day dismal. And as I predicted, there was no school today. Quinn played in and around all day, always was one of his superheros. The snow melted some today but anything left on the streets is freezing over by now, so we'll wait and see what that does to the school bells tomorrow. TGIF, we're going to try and go out to the Symphony tomorrow night, will see tomorrow how things work out. Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Guess what I'm back again, however, still haven't gotten the camera out. This happens to be Deb's picture out of her window. Mine is upstairs and looks nothing like this. We've had another gloomy, cold, snowy, rainy, etc. day here in the heartland.

Guess this is kind of pitiful looking at what some of you folks have had. All of this is supposed to freeze over tonight so for us weenies here in Okla., it will probably be schools closed etc. tomorrow. You know we can take 60 mph winds on an almost  daily basis, but give us a little snow and we're paralized.
Have a great last half of the week.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Busy Day

I spent my day putting up a few Valentines Day decorations and dragging out a few four leaf clovers. I never did really get anything up for V Day, had the materials to make a wreath but never felt like it. It was a really puny month in this house. Everyone was sick.  So today, I made a St. Patrick's Day wreath. Of course, I never thought to take pictures. I think I deliberately don't get out my camera because I'm so bad at it. I just have a point and shoot but it stills bugs me. I will try to take a picture tomorrow and post it. We'll see. Now that I'm feeling better, I have been back at my quilting so that has kept me out of trouble and off the streets. I WILL take pictures and show what
 I've been working on. Until then, have a great evening!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Another post, fooled you, huh!

Sorry folks, but I have successfully deleted two posts that I was writing this evening. Oh well, they weren't much anyway.
This is our newest great grandbaby, Wesley Stafford Webb, born in August. He is a week old in this photo. That brings our great total to 5, however, I somehow feel it won't stay at 5 for very long. We haven't gotten to see Wes since Oct. and we hear he is doing all sorts of tricks now. Poor baby, just spent several days in the hospital with respiratory problems, but is home now and on the mend.
Get ready for a great week everyone, I feel it coming on!!
Well, I have got to get back into the swing of this. I just deleted a post I had been working on. As I was saying, today has been a big day, off to Walgreens to get our weekly pharmacy fix and from there to a great lunch at Wendys, what a day. So much socializing, don't think I can stand it. The other errand we needed to accomplish was to get gasoline, however, the wind was sweeping cross the plain at 60 mph. which was dropping the wind chill to COLD!
Bet you didn't think I'd make it back. Well, fooled you, didn't I!! Had a rather pleasant day, if you can call 55 degrees and winds that take your head off pleasant. But, after all, it is the winds who come sweepin cross the plains, OKLAHOMA, oh wait, I got carried away for a minute or two. Had a great trip to Walgreens to set up and pick up new prescrips. You know when you reach the ripe old age of __ , your big social trip of the week is to your pharmacy of choice. From there, it was off to Wendys for a magnificent lunch. I had a baked potato and water and Hubs had a fish sandwich and coke. What could be better!